The architect

Marina Birdimiri was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She went to school at Athens College (Senior 1994) and then studied architecture in the UK, at the Canterbury School of Architecture, Kent from 1994 to 2000 (RIBA part l & ll). Having worked during her studies at the practices of Alexandros Tombazis and Yannis Kizis, in 2000 she started her own practice. She has designed and worked on commissioned as well as on private projects (as a developer) all over Greece. Has done two solo photography exhibitions in Athens, one in 2010 with the title "Section Stories" and one in 2016 with the title "Deep in the clouds".

Marina BirdimiriMarina has an origin from Crete and spent quite a few of her childhood summers on the island. She has always loved sketching around the rural areas and admired the old original, honest and simple architecture of the island. The light and energy of the area led her, in 2009, to first start designing and building in Elounda, Crete.

Grabbed the opportunity to create these exclusive residences with great respect to the local architecture as well as the environment. The aim was to design buildings that would only offer their guests a remarkable holiday in a unique location, balancing traditional elements and materials with contemporary lines and needs. Large openings conscientiously framing views, high ceilings in the public areas, earthy colours, thoughtfully designed inside to outside liaisons, local materials such as stone, timber and coloured plaster. Each relaxing and social area is carefully considered and designed to offer comfort and pleasure. Each pathways’ promenade is walked through and studied to offer the best possible experience.

Marina still sketches around, travels with her camera and keeps an eye open for the next challenge / project.