The Estate

There is now the option of booking both the villas as one. We call this “the estate”.

Our unique piece of land lays at 13,700 square meters (or 1.37 hectares). It houses two of the most exclusive properties available in Crete. New to the estate this year is a secluded scenic private playground. All the play equipment there is fabricated from timber in Finland. Within the estate are also various carefully designed paths through the olive trees and local vegetation. This gives you the chance to live in and enjoy the Cretan environment and nature to the fullest.

The two villas are 180 metres apart (door to door). They have total privacy due to their orientation, the site terrain and landscaping. Despite this, there is easy access between them.

We offer various shaded dining areas in both Villas. This year there is a new lightweight pergola structure. It can seat up to thirty guests at one long dining table and has stunning views of the Mediterranean.

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